You all know the question adults ask kids, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” You would always get the usual answers, like a policeman, fireman, teacher, etc.

I wanted to be a millionaire.


Michael Dominguez is an award-winning sales representative at RE/MAX Jazz Inc. Brokerage and the founder of Doors to Wealth Real Estate Group, a team of realtors focused on educating and assisting people in residential real estate. After becoming a realtor in 2008, Michael realized the opportunities in real estate investing and bought his first investment property, proceeding to add to his portfolio for 10 consecutive years. Throughout his realtor career, he has completed over 300 investment property transactions.

the kick he needed

Michael did everything he was supposed to do. He fought his way through his schooling, wound up with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, then got a responsible job, met a girl, got married, bought a single family home, and had a child.

As he approached 40, he came to the realization that he was stuck in a rat race of long commutes, a dead end job, a failing marriage and endless debt.


By taking control of his future, and building a stream of appreciating cash-flow generating assets, Michael started to see real changes in his net worth and his mindset. When he entered real estate in 2008, Michael was drawn towards people who saw real estate ownership as a vehicle for building wealth and reaching their goals. Many of his current and former clients were able to quit their full-time job, do more of what they want to do, and seek their passions.

Sharing his passion

As an investor realtor, Michael discovered a real passion for helping others build their wealth so they can experience the choices and financial freedom they desire. He has been fortunate to teach others to follow that path to success.

Real estate investing has allowed Michael to do the things he WANTS to do rather than the things he has to do.


Michael has been named Investor Realtor of the Year by the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) twice, as well as Canadian Real Estate Magazine Investor Realtor of the Year. He was also awarded a RE/MAX Jazz Mentorship Award.

In 2021, Michael was the recipient of the Re/Max Jazz Icon Award.

Michael The Mystery

Whether it be following his beloved LA Dodgers, playing with his dog, spending time with friends and family, scrapbooking or travelling the world, the goal is to enjoy life and to create as many once in a lifetime experiences as he can. Currently, he and his wife own 11 two-unit dwellings in Ontario, Canada.

Enjoying Life

Today, when he is not sitting back, with his feet up and beverage in hand, in his favorite armchair, you can fi nd Michael continuing to teach others about a simple buy and hold investment strategy, helping them build their wealth so they can experience the choices and financial freedom they desire. Of course, don’t be surprised if even then, he’s chillaxing by the beach or cruising in his convertible.

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In his book, Armchair Real Estate Millionaire Michael Dominguez articulates the essence of a strategy for successfully investing in real estate. He offers a true, ‘in the trenches’ perspective and approach for anyone who recognizes that investing in real estate is an effective way to build a financially certain future. Sharing his application of the REIN Long Term Real Estate Success Cycle is a highlight for me (albeit I am biased;) and having said that Michael makes clear his intentional and pragmatic approach to investing in real estate overall.

There are few real estate investors who have not learned some difficult and often costly lessons through a challenging experience but Michael leverages his lessons to create a plan and then focus on executing on the plan. Investing in real estate works when you work it and leverage is the name of the game but it’s not just about leverage of money, but also of relationships and knowledge. Sharing some of his knowledge gained and lessons learned over the years Michael humbly offers the reader valuable insights and a path to achieving their real estate investing goals, whether just getting started or well into their journey.

Patrick Francey – CEO, Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) Canada Ltd.
Host /Creator The Everyday Millionaire Podcast