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Can I get your name and how you got into buying real estate?

My name is Victor Huang. And about two and a half years ago, we met Michael Dominguez in one of the conferences. Michael Dominguez had dinner with us to ask about what we are looking for, what we want to do and our objective and how to get stuff. We started buying real estate through Doors To Wealth about two and a half years ago.

They’re known for the property tours that they offer on a regular basis. Do you go on them regularly?

Yes, I do go to their property tour regularly. Sometimes there’s a lot of good education of what is okay on the market, the price, the condition, and from time to time we do pick a few good properties on the tour.

That’s exactly what they want to hear. They also offer a newsletter via email. Do you read it on a regular basis?

Yes, we look at the newsletter regularly. I read that and also they have daily property match and I’ll read the Daily as well we find this a very very effective especially for property tour, if you look at the property tour you can see all the houses in one-three hour period then you know exactly what you are looking for when you can match that with the listing. Right? They send notes so that one actually speed up the search process.

Michael and the team at Doors To Wealth were sort of the catalysts that got you into buying real estate. What do you know now that you would have want to have known just a little ago when you first started?

I would have just came into the market a lot faster rather than spending months and months doing and comparing different places, but again, we all know now where you compare the price for six months the best time was five years ago, the next best time’s now.
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I completely agree. In the time that you’ve been investing, have you ever had one of those dreaded midnight phone calls where your tenants calling you with something’s that’s gone wrong?

No, I don’t have that. I never had that before because the most of the times the tenants can handle it themselves, and also these days we have property managers as well and my property manager, Natasha, is very good looking after all the needs for us as well.

That’s fantastic. In the times that you’ve been with Doors to Wealth the networking component of it, how have you built your knowledge form the other people that you’ve been introduced to?

I think the networking is fantastic and we share the resources, for example, when I first started out and asked for plumbers, electricians, I got them and I finally found Palmer situations and electricians at a good price, I share with them and also that sometimes people told me about the rental price and I started out. I reached out to them, they say, “Oh, I have properties around the corner. This is how much I charge.” I know exactly how much the rental price is going to be and what resources handy people we can use.

That’s awesome. If someone were to come to you and say that they’re interested in beginning to invest, would you bring them into the Doors to Wealth family?

Yes, first thing first, I just got them to introduce to Michael and the property tours. I think like most people have never seen duplex or single family home and its renovation when they go through one thing, at least they have a wealth of knowledge of a different types of property and most of them are very similar in nature so this is a good way to start the whole process, they can refine and go do more property tours and use newsletters.