From No Net Worth to an Armchair Real Estate Millionaire with Michael Dominguez

It can be overwhelming trying to learn about real estate investing when there’s so much information out there. And it’s hard to trust the advice of people who are selling you something.

On this episode of Chasing Financial Freedom, we have Michael Dominguez as our guest. Michael is an award-winning sales representative, a member of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame, and the founder of Doors to Wealth Real Estate Group. He’s going to share his knowledge with us and teach us how to get started in real estate investing.

Michael spent time with Ryan Dent at Chasing Financial Freedom Podcast.


In Armchair Real Estate Millionaire, investor realtor Michael Dominguez provides the roadmap to crafting a portfolio of quality investment properties for positive cash flow. Filled with expert wisdom and a straightforward approach, this is your simple guide to property investment that creates consistent and sustainable wealth and savvy retirement planning – without taking over your life.