What is your getting started in property investing story?

My name is Allan Castaban. I’ve known Michael forever. He was my best man and much more. When he started doing investment property real estate I was intrigued, but I was also a little bit sceptical. I wanted to see how it works. He was the guinea pig but don’t tell him that. Plus I didn’t have the capital at that time. Once I saw that he was doing well and I wanted to get my capital then I started investing too. I’m very happy I did.

Fantastic. When you couldn’t invest at that time, did you go on his property tours or read any information that he sent out?

No, actually I didn’t do anything. I was just basically occasionally talking to him. We were playing cards, when we would eat together before the cards, I will sort of pick his brain and then I will get most of my information. I don’t know whether he was doing property tours at that time, actually. That’s fairly earlier like three, four years ago.

Okay, well, now that he is doing the property tours, do you go on them on a regular basis?

When I’m looking, I do. Sometimes, even if I’m not looking, if I’m bored, if I don’t have everything, I still go because it’s a good education, it’s good socialization. It’s always nice to see properties even though you might not be buying.

While you’ve been working with Michael, buying properties, how many properties have you invested in over the time?

We bought in October. We closed our sixth one. Five of them is ready running and with the sixth one, we are doing some renovations. It should be ready in a month or two.

If you knew someone who was looking at getting into investing in properties, would you refer Michael and his team and Doors to Wealth to a newer and veteran person?

I will definitely recommend Mike. I mean, he knows his stuff and he’s a great salesman. He knows the investing business right as he does it himself.
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