Growing real estate investments takes a team

Hi, my name is Winter Ng and my wife Sophia Lee. We’ve been getting into it since six years ago. We come to the Durham area in the one of the meetings held Quentin and we met Michael right there in our first meeting. From there, we started growing real estate investments.

From that first meeting with Michael, how long before you joined the Doors to Wealth family and bought your first property with them?

This is new actually. The Doors to Wealth is very new. When we join him he quoted himself. He say, he’s a small potato in the real estate investment world, and then we’ll say, “Hey, but we grow up together. Let’s put it this way.” He helped us right away. We go on the tour, we buy our first property with him, like even within the first month. Yes, the first month.

Speaking of the tours, do you guys go on the property tours regularly or once in a while?

Sophia: That was six years ago. He doesn’t have a property tour, like now, we have the group together. It’s mostly one-to-one because we’ve seen in many, many places before. When we first met with him we already know what we want, what’s the number. When he showed the right place, actually the very first tour, we bought the house from him.

There is also monthly reports that he sends out via email, do you guys read them at all?

Yes, I read all of them. He is not a reader, so when I read it I would tell him, “Oh, this is what Michael says.” There’s a lot of informative information about Oshawa, the rules and stuff. My secretary always give me all the highlights, so that’s fine.
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If there was something, a piece of advice you could give your selves when you were just starting out, like knowing what you know now, what would it be?

I think finding a good realtor like us is very important. Basically, just be knowledgeable, learn everything you can and then find the right team. We’re so happy to have Michael to help us. Actually, I think he would like to know that he helped us to find 12 properties all together in the last six years already. We are very, very happy to have him to help us out.

If one of your friends came to you and said, “I want to get into investing and property.” would you bring them into the Doors To Wealth family?

Definitely, actually, when we first started investing we keep bringing the topic up in our friends’ circle. Last year, we have two friends that we bring to Michael’s property tour, guide them through and they both bought a house from Michael.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about Michael and his team?

I would highly recommend him to every other investor that’s looking to invest in Durham or even other area and specialize in unit houses. He’s very knowledgeable and teaching you what to do and even when it is grandma bungalow, he can teach you what is the rule and how to do that.