Investor Realtors

What is an Investor Realtor?

Everybody and I mean everybody knows someone who has their real estate license. It may be a friend of a friend, but you know someone. So, why is it that finding a realtor who can help you build wealth through real estate investing is so difficult?

Simply put, getting your real estate license is the easy part.

An experienced investor agent has been focused on this part of his or her craft for years. They aren’t learning their skill with you as the test subject. They have walked through hundreds of potential investment properties, written up many, many, MANY offers for their investor clients; perhaps have clauses in their offers that can best protect their client; understand the market and know the city officials; and hopefully, own real estate investments on their own.

A good investor agent often makes their salary through real estate but is building their wealth through real estate investment holdings. You could hire any agent to represent you. Why wouldn’t you want one that shares your same views and can find an opportunity when others may just not see it?

An investment realtor is a key member of your future power team. In fact, with this one addition, through their connections, you may be later introduced to other future power team members that can help you grow your wealth in a safer way.


A community ready to help you build

We at the Armchair Millionaire have a personal goal of Impacting More People. If we can be a small part along the journey of building your wealth for you and your family, then we feel we have accomplished that goal.

Let us know how we can help you on the path to building your net wealth.

Michael built a real estate portfolio to be proud of and so can you!

“Remember, there are a lot of investment opportunities out there. Way more than you have the funds to buy. If your research finds that your target property is close to or within a flood plain, consider it a flashing emergency siren blasting at you to stay away.”

 – Michael Dominguez

Are You Ready To Join?


If you are interested in being introduced to an investor agent in a market across North America, register here, and one of our team members will contact you for more information. If we do not have a realtor partner in that region to assist you, we will contact agents in that area, and interview them for you. We will narrow down the search to ensure that you are best represented throughout the process.

If you are an investment realtor and would be interested in being part of the Armchair Army and receiving referrals of active, approved investors, looking at possibly investing in your market, from our team, register here. One of our team members will set up a video call and we can discuss your background and together we can determine if you are a good fit to join our Army and receive the leads from our awesome database of investors