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Real Estate BluePrint

What to look for

Chapters 2 – 4

Overview with 4-5 sentences 

How to finance

Chapters 4 – 8

Overview with 4-5 sentences 

Managing Your Properties

Chapters 9 – 14

Overview with 4-5 sentences 

What to Expect

  • This could be a place to speak about the hidden chapters or add-ons when they buy
  • Clauses in leases
  • Articles from around North America where municipalities are increasing densification.
  • Construction directory. Break down of key items needed to legalize a secondary suite.

Ready to start your Real Estate journey?

With over 10+ years of experience in real estate and living the investor life, Michael brings insights and a depth of knowledge that can help you get started or move past a hurdle that you are facing!

It didn’t start with a book…

Michael has been sharing his knowledge, lessons, and insights with blogs, podcasts, videos. His focus is legal, cash flow generating properties. 

Did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Michael did… and here’s the proof!

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Meet Michael Dominguez

Bio excerpt

I have lived in Durham since 1993. I currently own six investment properties totaling 22 doors. (Oshawa and Cobourg).

I am an award-winning realtor and investor. I am an active member of the Durham Real Estate Investors, Northumberland Landlords Association, and REIN member.

Michael Dominguez

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