Mortgage brokers can work closely with your real estate agent

As a mortgage broker, how do you work with Doors To Wealth?

As a mortgage broker, basically Michael will refer his potential clients to me so that we can make sure I work the numbers and they are going to qualify to buy that investment property. We have a very close connection, absolutely, because the first thing that they need to do is to make sure that they are going to qualify financing-wise and then they can go out and start shopping. That’s the fun part.

Now, while you may not be an investor, have you ever gone on their property tours? I’ve heard great things.

Yes, I haven’t, but I know that– all the clients that I deal with love it because they get an opportunity not only to see the property but also speak to other investors and get tips and do’s and don’ts from experienced investors. I’ve heard nothing but good about the tours.

What advice or tips can you give someone who’s looking to get into investing in real estate?

I would say speak to Michael and Lisa. They are, honestly, they are so experienced, they’re investors themselves, they’ve gone through it all, they’ve started with one and worked their way up. They are the best mentors, I feel because they’re not there to sell you one property, they want you to become investors. I would say that’s the best source right now
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