Alymer Ng and Chong Suan Fong Do Their Real Estate Income Homework

Is checking out neighbourhoods important part of real estate income homework?

So.. yes. I definitely check out the neighbourhoods. I think knowing the neighbourhoods and what kind of rents they get and what kind of clientele, because I see real estate investment is.. You’re looking at the property not just for aesthetics or the house itself, but you’re also looking at what’s the rental income.

Real estate investing – It’s kind of like a business.

So I do want to see it like, you know, in some neighbourhoods the houses are cheaper, the tenants are also take demanding it’s rent, but there are different types of tenants too. So we have a mix, like you know, a mix of properties between the two neighbourhoods. Like, we have some properties on the south side which started out as not so great and desirable neighbourhood but they actually did pretty well for the last couple months. And then you get more premium paid on the northside, but definitely, the property prices are higher.

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