Investor Meetings can build your network and knowledge

Networking meetings aka investor meetings are incredibly valuable to expand your knowledge, learn from the success (and struggles) of others, attain new contacts and tell others yourself and your investment property journey.

Would attending real estate investor meetings or networking events also help create that network that you would need in order to be able to handle anything that may happen with your properties?

Definitely, yes for sure. I think that the real estate investor community is actually very small. Until I started going to the Landlords Association in Coburg, then I met Michael, and Michael introduced me to the Durham Real Estate Investment Club, I didn’t know any other real estate investors. It was just– I was flying by the seat of my pants and I had no idea. Going to events, meeting other like-minded people, being able to have a conversation and chat with people about what’s going on in your business and what they’re doing. You also learn new strategies as well. Going to investor meetings, in particular, the Durham Real Estate Investment Group, Durham REI, I have learned so much there that it has helped to — I would say that it’s one of the number one things that has helped me to really expand my portfolio.

Investor Meetings are just the beginning of growing your network

When you get into investing, going to the meetups is one thing. Once you get both deep into real estate investing, you also realize, “Hey, I can’t do this by myself.” You can start getting joint venture partners and you expand your knowledge, collaborating with your joint venture partner above and beyond going to these meetup groups. Joint ventures are a powerful business arrangement where two or more parties agree to pool their resources for the purpose of acquiring more investment properties (and other business matters).