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Nine-Five to Freedom is about learning to build your own businesses online. It’s about cutting off the direct link between your time and money. Learning how to live life to the fullest while you’re still young and able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Make Your Money Make More Money

Setting in at age 40 with the goal of obtaining 1 piece of rental property per year for 10 years, Michael Dominguez quickly exceeded the $1 Million net worth mark, and is now living retired and on continous passive income. Today, Michael shares his advice for getting started in this lucrative field regardless of your age, young or old.

If real estate has been something you’ve ever thought about as a means to build wealth and income, you’re in for a treat!

In his book, The Armchair Real Estate Millionaire, Michael Dominguez breaks down some very important tips for anyone looking to get involved in the real estate game. It doesn’t matter if you are fresh out of college or are already looking to retire soon, the additional, passive income that real estate investment can bring might just change your life.

3 Main Takeaways from The Episode:

By the end of this episode, you should have learned:

Is now still a good time to get started with investment real estate?
What is House Hacking and why it might be the most affordable (and realistic) way to get started.
3 Factors for determining where to buy your first investment rental property.