Real Estate investing tips are always welcome

So I think Mike’s property tours give a very good platform for you to learn and understand what you’re up against in real estate investing. Right?

Questions to ask when you are looking to invest!

If you’re just contemplating on picking up a property, there are things you should always find out.

  1. What are the regulations regarding legalization?
  2. What kind of height requirements are in the basement?
  3. Do you need fire, safety inspections?
  4. Do you need aluminum wiring?

All that stuff that it’s invaluable and I picked up on the tours. So that’s the difference, right?

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As compared to others where they are just giving you listings of properties and you have to kind of figure the rest on your own. So, I think it’s really invaluable, so that’s one thing.

The second thing is, I guess, also, going out to some of these REIN events, going to, you know, discussion forums. So you can kind of hear what other questions people may have.

Some of them are asking like:

  1. How do you evict a tenant?
  2. What should I do with the tenants that don’t pay?

All that experience and all the things that other people go through is a learning curve for you.

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